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Athabasca University

About Nobonob Nius (1970-1973)

The readers and writers of Nobonob Nius were participants in the journalism courses offered by Glen Bays at the Creative Training Centre (CTC). The journal contained poems, plays, short stories, and essays, mostly in English, but with a few items in Pidgin and a larger percentage of participation by women than any literary journal in the colony. Occasionally, one of the students would serve as editor. Letters to the editor formed an important part of Nobonob Nius. These letters indicate that Bays’ students were publishing with both the mission-based and administration-based systems. Significantly, they were also entering and winning prizes in literature competitions sponsored by Kristen Pres, the Literature Bureau, and local drama festivals.

Ephemera such as Nobonob Nius are important for the history of print culture in the colonies. For more information on the production of such texts in the mission-based system, please read the description of New Voices.

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