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Athabasca University

Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies

The Institute for Papua New Guinea Studies (IPNGS) operated from 1974 until 1988, when it was absorbed into the National Research Institute. Its director from 1974-78 was Ulli Beier, who had been operating a similar institute in Ife, Nigeria, since his departure from UPNG in 1971. The Institute was funded primarily out of National Cultural Centre money, although Beier was able to bring some Nigerian support with him on his return. The stated objective of IPNGS was to research, record, and interpret "all aspects of traditional indigenous culture in Papua New Guinea."

With this material in hand the Institute was to establish a folklore library, a tape and sound library, a film project, a publications programme, and a trust fund for further research. In addition, IPNGS was charged with the responsibility of regulating who could conduct such research and under which conditions. All IPNGS records were to be made available for the development of literature, drama, music and the visual arts in PNG. The Institute published and hosted a number of periodicals including Oral History, Gigibori, Bikmaus, and the Journal of the Morobe Historical Society.

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