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Athabasca University

Associations & Societies

  • Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
    In this website you will find a wide range of information, analysis, statistics, news and Internet links detailing Canada's economic, political, social and institutional relations with Asia Pacific.
  • Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania
    The Association For Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO) is an international organization dedicated to comparative studies of Pacific topics.
  • European Society for Oceanists
    The European Society for Oceanists was established in 1992 at the First European Colloquium on Pacific Studies. It is a professional association which addresses itself to researchers with a regional interest in Oceania.
  • Japanese Society for Oceanic Studies
  • Melanesia Interest Group
    An American Anthropological Association sponsored web site promoting the scholarly interests of anthropologists working in the South Pacific, including Melanesia.
  • Royal Institute of Linguistics & Anthropology (Leiden)
    Its objective is the advancement of the study of the anthropology, linguistics, social sciences, and history of South East Asia, the Pacific Area, and the Caribbean.

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