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Athabasca University


The “Papua New Guinea: Then and Now” conference was generously hosted by the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and supported by the University of Sydney, the Archer Trust, the Ian Potter Foundation, and Air Niugini.

Dr. Neil MacLean, Dept. of Anthropology, gave valuable guidance and advice during the planning phases, as well as securing funds and technical support for the conference. Research Fellow, Drusilla Modjeska, contributed to the conference planning and joined with me in the conference interviews. Rowanne Couch put in many competent hours arranging funding.

In its organization, shape, and success, the conference owes an immense debt to Patrick Ferry, then a graduate student at Sydney University, now an archivist at the National Archives of Australia. Patrick’s impressive fund of historical knowledge about PNG and his extensive network of friends and colleagues (especially Father Paul Duffy) allowed us to locate and secure the participation of most of the people attending the conference. It was a genuine pleasure to meet and work so closely with such a conscientious and promising young scholar.

Finally, to the presenters and exhibitors who so willingly and generously supported the conference through their attendance and participation, thank you all.

Evelyn Ellerman

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