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Creating Literature in Papua New Guinea (1966-1986): The First Twenty Years

Our goal is to provide resources for students, teachers, and scholars of the late colonial project to create an indigenous literary culture in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Since the website also addresses related issues such as the establishment of newspapers, presses, libraries, etc. it often refers to print, or book, culture; but the focus of the website is literature and the social systems that support it.

This searchable website contains rare and out-of-print, primary and secondary material related to the development of literature specifically and book culture more broadly in PNG; interviews with contemporary writers and performers; a timeline; full runs of literary journals; bibliographic resources; and a narrative framework meant to assist the user in contextualizing programs and practices.

The focus is on the decolonizing period from the mid 1960s to the mid 1980s, although the website contains material that was produced before and after that timeframe.

The project began as a collaborative effort amongst staff at several institutions:

  • Athabasca University
  • University of Papua New Guinea
  • University of Hawaii
  • Pacific Manuscripts Bureau

It is currently maintained by Athabasca University and Dr. Evelyn Ellerman at Please contact Dr. Ellerman at any time with contributions and feedback.


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